Fightland Presents “MMA in the Slums of Japan”

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Fightland today presents the latest episode from its Worldwide series, titled MMA in the Slums of Japan. In the episode, Fightland travels to the slums of Osaka where fighters and promoters are pushing a brand of MMA that’s as close to street fighting as you can get without risking a run-in with the cops.

Watch MMA in the Slums of Japan on Fightland:

Watch more from Fightland’s Worldwide series here:

Don’t be fooled by all the shaved heads and broken bones: Mixed martial arts is a world of tacticians, moralists, spiritualists, traditionalists, eccentrics, disciplinarians, innovators, and nerds — men and women who willingly lock themselves away from the world to master the fine art of fighting the way others master the piano or quantum theory. Fightland tells the story of MMA as it is today: an ever-expanding, ever-evolving culture where athletes sacrifice their blood and bodies in a shared search for something like art.

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