Global Proving Ground – Coming Full Circle

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October 18th, 2013 – Global Proving Ground (GPG) invades Atlanta, and Michigan!


As highly touted GPG continues to conquer the continents of the world, they are led by a series of fighters more different than the next. More couldn’t be said about the fighters engaging in battle this weekend for both TXC Live and NFC Fighting.

Shamir “Bam Bam” Garcia and Sean Huffman are two very different fighters with very different backgrounds, though despite their differences they share the same appetites and motivations of any top-tier athlete in any sport. Both are driven by the desire for victory and the motivation of the children in their respective corners. Their need to lead by example will accompany them as they enter the cage this weekend.

Sean Huffman said, “When I fight, I think of my 3 year old son, Josiah. He makes and keeps me a great warrior and an even better father. He’s what drives me and I have no doubt that he will know that my victory against Roan Carneiro will be for him. This fight is a big deal for me, and I won’t waste the opportunity that NFC Fighting has given me.”


Shamir “Bam Bam” Garcia stated, “Outside of fighting I work with Detroit non-profit organizations that deal with inner city, at-risk youth which also deals with saying no to gun violence. I want to do my part and since kids look up to athletes, I use MMA as a vessel to reach the children. This will be a great fight for me because it’s in my back yard, and I’m anxious & ready! I’m an athlete on a mission, and nothing can stop me!”

GPG co-founder James Jefferson said, “Sean and Shamir are two great examples of athleticism, respect, and motivation. That’s why GPG signed these two amazing fighters. They know what they need to do but more importantly, they are about doing positive work for others. They are true gentleman and also amazing fighters, and that’s what GPG wants.”

Tickets for both events are still available, so get them now!

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Who We Are: Global Proving Ground (GPG) is a mixed martial arts entertainment organization dedicated to providing in-depth coverage and as yet unseen sports content to a global audience. GPG seeks to discover and build the next generation of great athletes by using a truly innovative combination of live events, digital & online media platforms, and sports & entertainment content allowing for multiple revenue streams and maximized growth opportunities. We have the unique ability to continue to cultivate relationships, the most important aspects of success in this industry. Our relationships are groomed by our staffing talent, which contains a virtual who’s who of respected industry professionals. Others have tried, but few have been able to logistically create and manage the relationship network GPG has amassed. When coupled with GPG’s commitment to social responsibility, the combination becomes a catalyst for a revolutionary approach to professional sports and entertainment. GPG plans to grow by introducing Warrior Island, a groundbreaking documentary series featuring a myriad of sports combat talent and personalities from all across the world. Warrior Island is a platform focused on discovering the world’s best mixed martialarts talent and showcasing the truth behind the struggles and sacrifices of a champion.

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