GPG London with UCMMA

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Global Proving Ground (GPG) is excited to announce a partnership with premier United Kingdom (UK) mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, UCMMA. This marks yet another spearheading effort by GPG to maximize partnerships internationally thus expanding their territory in MMA.

“We at GPG are very excited about signing a partnership with the UCMMA. Ultimate Challenge MMA is Europe’s leading MMA Organization, having staged more than 40 professional, high profile and sell out events since 2002. UCMMA Founded Dave O’Donnell is the perfect partner for Global Proving Ground” says James Jefferson, President GPG.

Dave O’Donnell said “I am pleased to announce that UCMMA and Global Proving Ground have teamed up to bring you action packed fights that don’t come much better this August 3rd at UCMMA 35 in London, England. UCMMA will be the proving ground for world talent and showcase some of the best battles. GPG’s Syndication Partner, UFA, has approved the event for Broadcast to over 110 million homes on Comcast, Dish and Direct TV and possible HBO plus in Latin America.” Both GPG and UCMMA have proven to be powerful entities in the world of MMA and this latest partnership announcement is certain to solidify their stronghold. For tickets and upcoming event information, please visit:

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