New Era Fighting signs 14 MMA Warriors

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SANTA ANA, California (January 29, 2007) – New Era Fighting (NEF), the evolving mixed martial arts organization, signed 14 fighters last week in preparation for its inaugural show, tentatively scheduled in May, NEF president Ron Kort announced today.

The NEF stable is led by combat fighting legend Kimo Leopoldo and ex-porn star Aaron Brink. Newest team members include Liron “Da Icon” Wilson, Frederick “Death Wish” Steen, Christopher Scheminder, John “Machine Gun” George, Joel “Felon” Garcia, Rick Arballo, Luis “Spooky” Figueroa, Eric Denham, Ethen Cox, Mychal “Bolo” Clark, Alan Garcia Castillo, Oscar Borboa, Marlon Timothy Bonds, and Sean Belote.

“We held our New Era Fighting tryouts on December 26 with intentions of competing in the mixed martial arts industry,” Kimo said. “Our foundation is based on, ‘By the fighters, for the fighters.’ As a 13-year MMA veteran, I pioneered the path and direction of the sport of MMA. Promotion was limited during these years. Fighters have been ripped off and taken advantage of. Not only does this affect fighters, it also distorts the truth for audiences. The time has come for New Era Fighting. What is New Era Fighting? PURE FIGHTING – 100-percent PURE, based on a no influence policy. This means no favoritism, no fixing, no corruptness, and no exceptions: By the fighters, for the fighters. In New Era Fighting, not only will fighters have security in a long-term contractual agreement, fighters will actually receive a purse percentage of the company’s earning at the door like a stockholder of sorts.

“In terms of actual fighting, the audience can expect faster paced, more entertaining fights due to subtle differences in company policy. At New Era Fighting tryouts, much to our surprise, we had a unique aura/flavor that took us in a different direction than we initially intended. It was as if I rewound the clock when I walked into the octagon with a raw heart-driven essence. In that spot, on that day, a phenomenon occurred. We witnessed pure fighting! There wasn’t a single imitation involved. All contestants possessed a 100-percent fighting spirit. Whatever their motives may have been, the bottom line is they all came to fight. It was sick! I couldn’t believe the tenacity and aggressiveness that they displayed, which brought us to a new conclusion: One can learn skills but one cannot learn heart. Every one of the fighters we’ve signed had this important characteristic in an unequaled quantity. Heart means tough and tough is what we got. One hundred percent heart; pure fighting, New Era Fighting. Watch out!”

NEF is like the UFC meets the WWE. Fighting will be real but storylines outside of the ring will be scripted towards driving interest in the next event, much like a soap opera. The violence in the ring, however, is guaranteed to be brutally real and non-scripted in anyway.

“Kimo sums it up best,” NEF president Ron Kort noted, “when he says, ‘All the fighters NEF signed displayed character….the fighting just needs some touch up’. These fighters were informed that they signed for an opportunity, but they still need to prove their worthiness in the upcoming months. They all not only have a love of the sport, but also raw talent that makes it so attractive to watch them fight. Our first group of fighters gives NEF a great stable of possibilities. I look forward to working with these guys over the next few months to see who really has the drive instead of just saying they have the drive. I wish them all good luck and look forward to seeing them succeed in our upcoming Toughest Man Contest, as well as a few other events where their abilities will be on display for the world to watch.”

NEF Stable of Fighters

Kimo Leopoldo Huntington Beach, CA
Aaron Brink Huntington Beach, CA
Liron Wilson Fresno, CA
Frederick Steen Valinda, CA
Christopher Scheminder Chadron, NE
John George Corona, CA
Joel Garcia Pomona, CA
Rick Arballo San Diego, CA
Luis Figueroa San Diego, CA
Eric Denham Santa Ana, CA
Ethen Cox Long Beach, CA
Mychal Clark Seattle, WA
Alan Garcia Castillo Santa Ana, CA
Odsar Borboa Whitter, CA
Marlon Timothy Bonds Los Angeles, CA
Sean Belote Covina, CA

For more information about New Era Fighting call 714.973.3053/714.448.9999 or go on line to

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