Rocktagon MMA ELITE 14 Rock-n-Rage: Quick Results

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CAMO has released the official results from Rocktagon MMA’s ELITE Series 14 Rock-n-Rage last night in Northern California.

All eyes were glued to the cage for the first part of the show as the crowd was kept on the edge of their seats throughout the eleven action-packed battles raging inside the Craneway Pavilion. After the fights, attention turned to the stage as fans rocked out to musical performances by Conscious Souls and Orgy. Full details of the event will be available soon.

Winner Opponent Round Time Method
Timothy Peterson Michael Ortega 1 1:55 TKO
Justin Davis Brian Summers 2 2:00 TKO
Jaime Rios Jeremy Murphy UD
Ahmed Abdelaziz Gustavo Farias 1 :53 Submission (RNC)
Mefi Monterroso Michael Gall
Isaiah Batin Gonzalez Shawn McMullin 3 :26 TKO
Cynthia Calvillo Stefanie Harrison 3 1:15 KO
Martin Villanueva Curtis Palmer 1 :44 KO
JJ Okanovich Israel Delgado 2 1:55 Submission (armbar)
Randall Wallace (T) Victor Bryson 1 :48 TKO

Joe Neal (T)
Jose Perez

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