Rocktagon MMA to add National Pro Series this Season

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Las Vegas – March 16 Rocktagon MMA CEO James Jeda announced that the organization would launch a national professional series in June of this year. “With our national amateur series already in place and our expansion into several states underway, we are in a great position to transition to our pro series,” he said.

Jeda stated “We have the systems and people in place to take this organization to the next level. With Mike Patt at the helm as President and a veteran matchmaking team led by Mike Camp and Michael MacNeill, I am confident the pro series will be a huge success.”

Rocktagon MMA President Michael Patt is excited about moving forward with the addition of pro cards to the national amateur program. “Rocktagon MMA has made great strides in a short period of time,” he stated. “This is the next phase in our evolution.” Patt will oversee both the amateur and professional national programs, including the amateur National Championship Series that will result in a first-ever amateur national title. “The decision to add a pro series at this juncture will enable Rocktagon to build a stronger presence at the national level while continuing to provide elite amateur athletes with the opportunity to gain experience, build a fan base, and compete for a national title. Rocktagon MMA now has the ability to work with a fighter all the way from debut to the professional level.”

Rocktagon MMA, founded in 2010, is a premier mixed martial arts promotion dedicated to hosting quality events and taking skilled fighters from obscurity to the national level by helping them build a strong promotion in the MMA arena. Rocktagon MMA is the only national amateur fight series in the country and will have events in multiple states this year before concluding the season with amateur Regional and National Championships. Pro fights will be added to the national card beginning in June. Rock-n-Rage premium shows, which debuted on both coasts last month, combine MMA events with nationally known musical acts in select markets.

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