Team MVJ’s Fighters Prepare for Ring Wars VII “A New Beginning”

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Team MVJ are the elite athletes and fighters of the MVJ Athletics Integrated Training System. Training sessions now include plyometrics in the pool. This workout routine is top notch with explosive, muscle-building exercises – but with reduced wear and tear on your joints. This is due to the fact that the water adds buoyancy to lower the impact of landings, but adds resistance to increase the difficulty jumping.

Just ask Zak Kelly who travels 2 hours in order to reap the benefits, or Sean Suvie who raves, “I trained at other places before and I thought I was training and was in great shape. Now I know I wasn’t really training and now I am in MVJ shape.”

Gary Monroy compares it to another popular program, “I’ve tried crossfit before, and Crossfit should switch over to MVJ Athletics training!” Team MVJ doesn’t let anything interrupt their training. Champions training Champions is the Team MVJ way. Try something new and be pleasantly surprised. Mike Legg calls MVJ Athletics and Team life-changing.

You can find us at 723 Rue Madora, Bear, DE 19701, (302) 595-2061. See you there!

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