The Best MMA Video Games Of All Time

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Craig Lightner – Have you have tried time and time again to get the very best video game out there that offers you every aspect of true mixed martial arts that a video game can? Well some video games have managed to climb their way up the ladder of every gamer’s favorites list. If you are a gamer, or you are close to a gamer, then you know that this is not an easy feat. Most gamers are very critical about the video games that they play. Nine times out of ten, good gamers defeat their video games in less than a week.

This is a pivotal moment as to whether a video game will impress a gamer. When a true gamer can replay the same video game over and over again, then you know that you have a great video game on your hands. No matter how long it takes to defeat it. Finding the perfect mixed martial arts video game can be quite a difficult task for just about anyone no matter how much skill they posses in playing video games.

Suikoden has grabbed many gamers and taken them into the world of mixed martial arts. This video game allows the player to manipulate six different fighters as a group to go into many different styles of battles. They can pick what style they like the best because this video game comes complete with three different battle modes. Basic battle allows the player to initiate themselves into a more common style of mixed martial arts. One on one duel is a special event that puts one fighter up against the enemy in a turn-based event. Strategic war battle is turn based as well, but this mode applies the ability to run an entire army.

Another video game that has swept across the nation and taken many gamers to their best high scores is the UFC Undisputed 2010. This video game really puts you right into the action. You can even decide what your fighter says during their interviews. Every different fighting skill that comes with mixed martial arts comes to one place with this video game. All of these fighters come to put their skills up against the best of the best. They even employ an eight sided ring and mat that is fully clad in chain links to add to the intensity of the fight. Put your fighter right into training and then give them a career strategy to last them a lifetime.

Try one of these video games and see if they can become one of your all time favorites. You are sure to find that these video games bring all the aspects of a perfect mixed martial arts video game right into your own living room. You will find yourself playing them for hours on end, and replaying them once you have defeated your foes. You can start a brand new game with a completely different fighter and carry them throughout the video game to finish off with a new ending because you control their career moves as well as their skills.

This article was written by Craig Lightner of Martial Art Book. If you would like to read more about this topic please visit me at Martial Art Book.

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