Why we need Strawweights and Atomweights in the UFC…

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by Shane “braddah shano” McFarland

As I’ve stated many times, and for many years now, it’s a fact that, as smaller & smaller fighters continue to move down in weight this will open up the need for lighter weight classes to be added.
Have been saying this for years and no one can deny it’s true.

But most fans do not understand this.

Often will you see ignorant, uneducated remarks, like this…

“Personally I think 125 is as low as the UFC should go (for the time being at least). If in 5-10 years time other promotions have developed thriving 105 and 115 divisions then perhaps they can be added on but for now it’ll take a few years to really develop the 125 and 135 divisions and the UFC should focus on them. On top of that I really don’t think there’s enough 5’2″-5’4″ish guys around to fill divisions like that, even in boxing they are comparatively light in talent.”

Compared to an educated, sensible one, like this…

“I don’t understand the hate. Everyone was $#!tting on the idea of 125lb, saying they were boring. Now they are the best.

Then people said they were too small and anyone could beat them. Do you really think you could beat a 5’3″ monster pro fighter that weighs 130 or 135? Heck, mccall is a bjj purple belt. That is like a black belt in other arts. And dj was apparently an amateur muay Thai champ. He was able to beat up all these other fighters who did it part time.
I think 105 lb will win everyone over. People will realize how bad the HW are. These 105 fighters that everyone laughs at will kick any non pro posters ass.

You guys wouldn’t say these things to a 105 lb fighters face but are so tough on Sherdog. You should be proud.”

Above two quotes are from:

The fact is, the UFC can make or break this sport. They create stars and educate the masses.

If they added 115lbs and 105lbs, then they will prove themselves…just as the Flyweights did.
Saying they need to first develop, in other promotions, makes no sense. What they need is EXPOSURE. And no one can provide better exposure than the UFC (Didn’t they just prove this with the women?).

The Straweights have existed and developed in Shooto, now, for many years…including a World champion.
Muay Thai, Boxing & Wrestling have all had 105-115lb fighters for many decades.

We also have many Flyweights who are smaller and want to fight at 115lbs…and many of them have stated that right on this page.

Most of Shooto’s Flyweight division fighters have weighed in at 123lbs for over the last ten years. Many of their smaller Flyweights could easily fight at 115lbs. Even Shooto’s Strawweight limit is 114lbs.

There are THOUSANDS of fighters who could easily drop to 115lbs or less, around the globe. Pancrase, in Japan, even has a 120lb division. They have about 100 fighters at this weight, in just that one promotion.

That doesn’t even include Shooto Brazil, which already has a 115lb division. Brazil also has HUNDREDS of other fighters who could easily fight at 115lbs or 105lbs.

Not to mention, Mexico, which is quickly developing the sport and opening new MMA gyms every day. Mexico (and other Latin American nations), have had hundreds of Boxers under 115lbs for decades.

Much of Southeast Asia also has many. The Philippines, for just one of many examples, has many 119 & 115lb fighters. They’ve featured them in URCC several times over the years.

How many do you think their are in Indonesia? Malaysia? Singapore? Thailand? Cambodia? India?

What about Guam and the Northern Marianas, where MMA is EXTREMELY popular?

MMA is also exploding in growth in Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Each of those countries also have untold numbers of smaller weight fighters.

If Zuffa added Strawweights to the UFC, what weight do you think all these 119-123lb fighters would fight at?
This is the whole key to further growth of the sport…featuring new fighters in the UFC.

I’ve been in sales, marketing, and advertising for over 30 years. Trust me, i know that exposure it what’s needed. Not development.

Please go to Dana White’s Facebook and Twitter pages and tell him to add 105 & 115lbs to the UFC!

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